KodTR NATO Kodlandırma Sistemi Yazılımı

KodTR, is a full compliant software with NATO Codification System, ACodP-1 (NATO Manual on Codification) procedures and workflow.


Fully Compliant with ACodP-1

Fully compatible with all latest ACodP-1 procedures with frequent updates.

Request Management Workflow

Provides a configurable workflow for national and international transactions.

Multilingual and Localization

Supports multilingual user interface usage and data translation.

Cutting Edge Search Functionality

Provides poverfull search option on MRC and replies.

Codification with Up-to-Date IIG

Codification depends on latest Item Identification Guides (IIG).

Accurate and Matured Codification Quality

Helps the codification process to produce more accurate and maturead NSN definitions.


Who uses KodTR?

  • KodTR is mainly for Natiaonal Codification Bureaus (NCBs) to automate codification jobs operating under Ministry of Defence (MoD) or Military Forces.
  • Any country (NATO or NATO sponsored (TIER1, TIER2) or any) may use KodTR.


  • Web based
    KodTR is a WEB based application. Main technologies are: .Net MVC 4, JQuery, Bootstrap, HTML5, Responsive CSS. You can run the application with popular internet browsers.
  • Multilanguage support for user interfaces.
    Can be easily switched between different languages to change user interface language.

  • TIR data language must be set before installation
    TIR data (segment A,C,V) must be set during installation. Only user interface and lookup data can be multilingual.

  • Flexible national workflow structure. (modifiable for national requirements)
    ​National workflow for codification and international transactions available. Workflows can be modifiable for different domestic needs.


  • Fully compatible with ACodP-1
    Fully compatible with all latest ACodP-1 procedures. (Codification and International ADP operations.)
  • Codification with up-to-date Item Identification Guides (IIG)
    Codification depends on "Item Identification Guide"s. Latest IIGs can be found in Item Identification Guide page online.
    Latest IIG data can be dowloaded and applied to KodTR from Catalog Tools Extracts page.

  • Item Identification Guide Drawing Image Library support
    For style related MRCs you can pick drawings as images form list.

  • "Notes" sections in IIGs (for some MRCs when replied) support
    When some MRCs replied with specific values, in "Notes" section there are some related MRCs can be seen that has to be replied additionally.

  • Images can be attached to an NSN for easy recognition
    Visual objects are useful for item recognition. For this reason, images can added to an NSN or a reference.

  • Deatiled "NATO Stock Number(NSN)" search in "Master Requirement codes(MRC)" and replies
    Detailed query/search is available on NSNs.
    More than one MRC replies or both MRCs and replies can be queried.

  • Update, NSN segment M/V (old/not valid/deprecated) replies to the up-to-date IIG replies
    Some segment V data may get deprecated/wrong in time cause item identification guide updates.
    Old MRCs or reply tables/codes could not be found in new IIG or new MRCs could be added to IIG.
    In such case, NSN can be updated without data loss.

  • NSN data verification acording to ACodP-1
    NSN characteristic data and reference data can be validated acording to ACodP1.

  • "NATO Commercial and Government Entity(NCAGE)" Code assignment.
    For national firms "NATO Commercial and Government Entity(NCAGE)" code assignment can be done.

Master Requirements Directory MRD

  • Updatable "Master Requirements Directory(MRD)" database from "http://www.logisticsinformationservice.dla.mil/extracts/"
    Codification depends on "Item Identification Guide(IIG)"s.
    Keeping up-to-date IIGs, increases reliability of TIR database.
    IIG data and also related other data that is called Master Requirements Directory data can be found from link Catalog Tools Data Base Tables online.

International Operations

  • Automatic Data Processing(ADP)
    Automatic Data Processing(ADP) for international operations (incoming or outgoing) is available as ACodP1 dictated.
  • Fully compliant with the NCS procedures for international data exchange.
  • Easy data exchange.
  • Suspense file tracking for incoming and outgoing requests.
  • Full/partial KHN file import and export.
    ​KHN files can be imported to the system. KHN file may be full H8 data or partial data.
  • Full/partial KFF file export.
    National NSN data (Segment A,B,C,K,V(M) TIR data) can be exported as full or partial KFF files.
  • Logistics data exchange. Segment A,B,C,K,V(M).
    ​TIR data and ADP output data can be transfered and imported with transaction files such as KAR,KAT,KFD,KRE,K27 etc.

System Requirements


  • Operating System: Any operating system (OS) with one of populer browsers
  • Media: Media (USB / CD / DVD) for offline data transfer with outer systems may be needed
  • CPU and monitor: As with daily office works


  • Operating System: Windows Server
  • Application Server: IIS
  • CPU, Memory , Storage: To be planned according to organizational structure and needs 

Database Server

  • Database Server: Oracle
  • Deployment: To be planned according to organizational structure and needs


KodTR software is sold with project, including & regarding:

  • Software basic licence
  • Software maintenance
  • Number of codification bureau users
  • IT hardware infrastructure
  • Hardware and software redundancy needs
  • Online connectivity with other national IT systems
  • Industrial search and request mangement needs
  • Software & Codification Consultancy
  • Software and Codification Training
  • Support and help desk system for operations