Neptun Content Management System

Neptun Content Management system is for the site managers although who has no knowledge about HTML, css etc. With this tool you can easily manage your content. Is suitable for frequently changing content.


Easy Usage

Update your site  easily with the new content.

Original Design

Can be easily customizable according your contents and site wizards. These contents maybe products, news, announcements etc. 

Language Support

Easy more then one language support. Translations will be enough 


Is suitable for site managers that need to update contents changing frequently.

Good for site managers who want to make his own job.

Is not a design tool.

Is a tool that manages "originally designed" sites.

Easy usage.

More than one user can manage the site.

More than one language support.

Search engine optimized.

System Requirements

  • Server: Windows or Linux
  • Language: PHP
  • Database: MySQL


  • standart
  • 249 $ / Management console
    Content Management System Engine
  • 249 $ /Template 
    Designing site according to a template. 
  • 249 $ /language
    Langauge support.
  • Frequently changed content management like products, news, announcements etc. 
    Please ask.
  • Transferring content.
    Please ask.